Patient : Provider communication Simplified.


Chronic Care Management

PreMinder’s communication solution augments patient care while adding clinic revenue...


Transitional Care Management

Our platform helps you check all the right boxes to create a comprehensive TCM...


Oncology Care Management

Our PreMinder platform helps you develop an OCM program for your patients...

Our Mission is to be the most effective and efficient communication solution for monitoring patient-provider care plans and adherence opportunities. We leverage automated patient contact and machine-learning to drive patient engaged healthcare and financial outcomes for our partners.

Cloud Based Application

With our HIPAA-compliant application, you are able to document activities and allocate time towards the required non-face-to-face time for the CCM program. Using our automated call and secure text communications, we are in constant contact with your patients, keeping you aware of potential issues with individual patient's health.



Before PreMinder, I would sometimes go a few days without medications after running out because the office wasn’t open or they didn’t have an appointment available for me. With PreMinder, I can let my doctor know when I need a refill, I get a call when its ready, and I can easily let them know if I have any other issues.

Seymour B. - PreMinder patient


PreMinder is a useful tool for our adherence program. All of our patients on the program value the service and use it in different ways.

Michael Collins - Director, Rogers Clinic


As physicians, we routinely provide time-consuming, uncompensated care for our chronically ill patients in between office visits. PreMinder allows us to efficiently track these services as well as receive financial compensation for doing so. PreMinder solves two of the biggest challenges in caring for our complex patients who need it the most.

Nilay Shah, MD - Neurologist

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