Chronic Care Management

PreMinder’s communication solution augments your patient care while adding practice revenue with virtually no change to your current workflow. The average national rate for CCM services is $43.66 per month for each patient."

It's basically

a Medical Assistant at your fingertips.

Our cloud-based software makes its easy for you or your co-workers to create CCM-compliant reporting with just a few clicks. Don't suffer over documenting the non-face-to-face work you do on behalf of your patients, we make it easy for you.


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Annual number of unique patients (U.S. average per family medicine provider: 3279):
Percent of patients covered by Medicare (U.S. average: 21.85%):
Annual number of unique Medicare patients:
Percent with 2+ chronic conditions (U.S. average: 68.6%):
Annual number of unique CCM patients:
CCM monthly payment (U.S. average: $43.66) or select your locality:

Estimated annual gross revenue for family medicine physician: