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Our Mission is to be the most effective, efficient, and user friendly solution for patient-provider care plan monitoring and adherence opportunities, by leveraging simple yet automated mobile and machine learning solutions, to drive healthcare and financial outcomes for our partners.

Improving chronic care management challenges is the cheapest and easiest way to improve outcomes for patients with chronic diseases. So on Jan 1st, 2015, CMS launched a program to encourage providers to render and bill (average $42+ per patient per month) for remote Chronic Care Management (CCM). But existing EHRs/tools are not designed for managing care outside of traditional office visits, nor do they facilitate collaboration among multiple providers caring for the same patient to meet CCM criteria.

PreMinder empowers remote management and billing for patients requiring chronic care. We are currently integrating full, predictive healthcare chatbot capabilities into our system, which is currently in beta mode, with patients and providers actively using the system across multiple states in the US.

We are currently seeking additional investment to continue driving our patient/provider growth and enhance our predictive healthcare solution for the tens of millions of US patients with chronic conditions. Please contact us to discuss.

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